This Terms of Service for the PhD Career Clarity Program is an agreement between a user (“You,” “Your”) -- an individual enrolled in the PhD Career Clarity Program (“Program”) -- and Jennifer Polk (“Jen”), the program creator.

Your enrollment in the Program lasts for until the date specified in your account, unless Your membership is refunded or otherwise cancelled. Note that enrollment ends at the start of that day in UTC time (Coordinated Universal Time).

The Program aims to help PhDs get clear on their career path so they can market themselves for jobs they actually want. Please do not join or enroll in the Program if You aren’t interested in this topic.

Learn more about Jen on her website and contact her by email at [email protected].

What to expect

Once You sign up and pay for the PhD Career Clarity Program, You will have immediate access to published materials in the online learning platform (Thinkific). Access the platform via a browser on your computer or mobile device. You will need to be online.

There are four “courses” in the program as well as an online Community:

  1. PhD Career Clarity

  2. Live Q&As (Zoom Meetings)

  3. Member Resource Library

  4. Sample Emails for PhD Job Seekers

Jen will edit course lessons and other content as needed.

The Live Q&As (Zoom Meetings) course is where the recordings of group Zoom calls will be added, once they are available. This course will function as an archive of video recordings and upcoming live event links.

Workshop and other recordings and materials live in the Member Resource Library.

See the software section below for more details about platforms.

What’s included in the PhD Career Clarity core course

All lessons, chapters, and homework are optional. Generally speaking, plan to move through this course sequentially, to get the most benefit.

Learning materials, including video and audio recordings, text instructions, transcripts (.pdf files), worksheets and templates (Google doc files), and quizzes may be changed at any time to improve the program.

Access to materials

You agree not to share course or other Program materials and links, including videos, audio recordings, text documents, worksheets, screenshots, etc. with anyone outside the Program. These materials are for Your own personal, non-commercial use, for the duration of Your enrollment in the Program.

Original program materials created by Jen are her intellectual property. This includes any course videos, homework instructions, worksheets, and any downloadable materials.

Jen reserves the right to alter materials in the two courses and change aspects of the Program based on feedback from You and other members and her own analysis of member needs.

Jen will record Zoom Q&A meetings and add recordings to the Live Q&As (Zoom Meetings) course. These recordings will only be available to You and other Program members. The same goes for most workshops and other live events.

Code of conduct

During Zoom meetings and in interactions in the course discussion sections, You commit to engaging with others respectfully. You agree not to harass, demean, undermine, or otherwise harm Jen or other members.

You will not share, including by screenshotting or quoting, any program material, except to report behaviour that violates this code of conduct. Jen will also respect Your privacy and will not share any personal identifying information about You to other parties except as required by law.

If You have any concerns or want to report behaviour that violates this code of conduct, please email Jen at [email protected].

Jen reserves the right to remove members who actively violate this code of conduct or other privacy agreements, without issuing a refund.

Refund policy

If You discover the Program isn’t a good fit for You, You can request a refund up to 15 days after signing up for the Program. 

Email [email protected] to request. After receiving a refund, You will be removed from the Program and will be unable to access materials or attend live events.

Jen will process your refund for 100% of what you paid, but know that the amount you receive may differ from what you originally paid depending on your credit card fees and the currency exchange rate.

Software and technical requirements

This Program is delivered via three platforms or software tools:

Important communications may be sent to You via email, from [email protected] or other email addresses. These messages may come via Thinkific or ConvertKit, an email service provider. Learn more about ConvertKit on their website.

The Program course materials will be delivered via an online learning platform called Thinkific. Thinkific is available via browser -- Jen’s school page is The platform is mobile friendly, so feel free to access the courses on your phone or other mobile device, in addition to computers. Learn more about Thinkific on their website. You can also use the Thinkific mobile app to log into From PhD to Life and access most program materials.

The live group events or Q&As will be delivered via Zoom Meeting. Find links to online meetings in the Live Q&As (Zoom Meetings) course. You can access Zoom meetings either from a web browser or Zoom apps, available for a variety of devices and operating systems. Learn more about Zoom on their website.

If You decline to access these platforms or unsubscribe from email messages, You will not be able to participate in the relevant aspects of the Program.

If You encounter technical difficulties, please let Jen know. It can be helpful to share screenshots of the issue and tell Jen what browser you’re using. In some instances Your best course of action is to contact the companies directly for tech support. Jen assumes You won’t have significant difficulty accessing any of these platforms and thus participating in the Program, at least from a technical standpoint.

Jen reserves the right to change platforms or distribution methods at any time, as required to ensure a positive experience for members.

Additional legal stuff

The materials included in the Program and any information or advice provided by Jen to You as part of Your Program membership are not guaranteed to be accurate, up-to-date, or complete. It is Jen’s intention to provide accurate, thoughtful information and advice, and to deliver it in such a way as to support Your learning and success in achieving the Program aims. You access the Program and act on the information presented at Your own risk.

Links to other websites and other third-party materials created by others are included in this Program. Jen has no control over third-party websites and materials. You use these at your own risk. If You discover broken links or materials that are no longer useful or relevant, please let Jen know.


This Terms of Service for PhD Career Clarity Program was updated by Jennifer Polk on 8 January 2024, and is in effect from that date through the end of Your enrollment in the Program, unless updated. Access this document using this link.